Project Harvest

Hello! Thanks for checking out Project Harvest.

The idea behind this project was for me to learn the Unreal Engine 4 engine and it's Blueprint programming. I spent around a month working on this with no prior knowledge.

The intention behind this project was never to be made into an actual game at first, but as time went on I've learned so much that the idea is totally reasonable for me to accomplish.

I've loved the Harvest Moon series (post-all-the-drama) since I first played Friends of Mineral Town. Now I'm really into Story of Seasons as well.

If all goes well this project, I might, and this is a very big might, make this into an actual game.

At the moment I can't really spare time or resources due to life, money, and other issues.

However, I do hope to one day create my own rendition of Harvest Moon in the future.

Thanks for reading!


Project Harvest for Mac (Really Old)
17 days ago

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